Teen Maze

The purpose of Teen Maze is to challenge our 9th-grade Dawson County Junior High students to graduate and obtain a career without getting blocked by the many obstacles faced in life that could prevent them from these goals. In this maze, students will not have choices, life will not be in their control, and they will have to do whatever the script tells them. In life, there are consequences for choices and our students will experience some of those while participating in our maze.

Teen Maze Flyer 2022 – 1

“Remember that this may be a game today; but in real life, the decisions you make will effect your real future!”

This event is held at the Dawson County Junior High School before Spring Break. If you would like to volunteer to help with Teen Maze, please contact rbliss@dawsonfamilyconnection.org. This is a huge event and we appreciate all the help we can get!